We are re-imagining and re-making our library.

Making things more comfortable...

Old, worn seating.

NEW, zippy seating.

MAKING things easier to find

Collecting and moving books

Attaching Genre stickers

Grouping Genres together

Introducing our GRAPHIC NOVELS section

Making a MakerSpace...

a place for Tigers to make things

What will YOU make in this space?

Tiger Library Resources

Tiger Library Catalog - for physical books in the library

For e-books to read online or on a device -

includes Young Adult Literature,

mystery, suspense, romance, and

non-fiction titles

Gale Databases - for reference books, magazine and journal articles

Encyclopedia Britannica online

Digital Magazines online

RAD! - Read Across the District ~ 2017

To honor our new Maker mission the library asked Tigers to demonstrate their skills

at reading to follow instructions. Tigers read from origami e-books on Follett Shelf.

The library provided multi-colored origami paper, and students folded tigers and other animals & things.

Origami creations were compiled into a beautiful 3D collage for the Tiger Library entryway that encourages reading.



Paige Parker        apparker@episd.org


JP Rogers        jprogers@episd.org


El Paso High School Library

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